“The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.”

-Audrey Hepburn

Whether you’re a career woman on the go, stay-at-home mom who wants to look her best without all the fuss, or just want to look naturally beautiful without having to use mascara everyday…Ooh la la Lashes could be the answer to your prayers.

You can sleep, shower, swim, sweat all you want and never have to take them off. And you won’t believe how much time you will save in the mornings when you can roll out of bed looking like you brushed on some mascara (but without all the mess). Just brush on some blush and lip gloss and Voila! you are looking “Ooh la la” BEAUTIFUL!

Book an appointment with me and I’ll take care of the length, thickness and curl for you. Eyelash extensions could be the long-awaited answer to your dreams! It would be an honor to style your lashes and transform your ordinary eyes into the most EXTRAORDINARY.



Full Set

2 hour session


approximately 200-400 lashes

depending on how many natural lashes you have

Half Set

1 hour session


approximately 100-150 lashes

recommended for those trying lashes for the first time or want a more natural look

Touch Ups

30 or 45 or 60 minute session

$70 or $100 or $130

recommended every 2-3 weeks to maintain a full and voluminous look
time spent touching-up varies depending on how many new extensions are applied


Please take a look at the calendar below for my available appointment times. To book an appointment please call or text me at 604-837-3931.

Cancellation Charge: $90 if providing less than 24 hours notice.


Christina Towfigh

Master Eyelash Extension Stylist






North Vancouver, BC

Ooh la la Lashes
Est. 2009





    • available in both thick and very thick
    • lashes appear curled without using a curler
    • elliptically shaped for better adherence
    • shinier coating to look like mascara
    • used for all types of eyelashes (even straight lashes)

Flash Matte

    • available in both thick and very thick
    • same curl as Flash but matte finish to look like a naturally thick eyelash
    • used for all types of eyelashes (even straight lashes)


    • available in both thick and very thick
    • an ultra-lightweight extension simulating the look of a naturally curly lash
    • opens up the eye with a very soft look

Royal Mink

    • available in both thick and very thick
    • a beautiful and subtle curve
    • for women who want a very natural everyday look
    • ideal for women who have stubborn straight lashes

Russian Volume

    • clusters of 3-5 very fine extensions
    • placed on individual lashes
    • creates a voluminous look
    • great way to fill gaps within the lash line
    • additional charge of $0.20/cluster added to touch-up fee

Care Sheet

Misencil® eyelashes need minimal care. Please click on CARE SHEET and TIPS and you’ll be enjoying your Ooh la la Lashes for many weeks to come. Thank you for visiting Ooh la la Lashes. I hope they are everything you dreamed of and more!


Full Set



Half Set



Touch Up




I pride myself in what I do.  My work is my passion and so I believe it is important to inform people of what they can expect from Ooh la la Lashes.  Please review my detailed Question and Answer page.


Extensive research has gone in to what type of lashes to use at Ooh la la Lashes and Misencil® lashes was the winner!

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