Question and Answer

1. How does it work?

Eyelash extensions started in Asia and made their way west about 15 years ago. Unlike traditional false eyelashes that only last one day and are applied on a strip, eyelash extensions are glued one by one to your natural lash with precision tipped tweezers.

The application of eyelash extensions is relaxing and painless. Come and unwind as you lie down on an incredibly comfortable ergonomic chair wrapped in a cozy blanket with music playing in the background. Pamper yourself and make some time for YOU and who knows… you might just relax enough to fall asleep and awaken to a pair of Ooh la la Lashes!

The individual eyelash extensions will be applied directly to your natural eyelashes without any contact with the skin. In order to protect your eyes, Coenzyme Q10 anti-wrinkle patches will be applied to your lower lids. In addition to a glamorous look of new lashes, your features will immediately be smoother, rested and the area around the eye will be brightened.

2. How long will it last?

Many factors can affect how long your lash extensions last. Eyelashes, like hair, grow and fall out. Did you know that you have approximately 200 lashes on each eye (give or take depending on ethnic background)? And each day we can loose up to 3-5 lashes! So with a Full set (where approximately 400 lashes get applied in your appointment) the look will last 3 – 4 weeks before requiring a touch-up appointment. By this time, you should have retained approximately half of the extensions you had from your original appointment. During a refill appointment, additional lashes are bonded to the natural lashes that don’t have an extension on it. If you do not refill, the remaining extensions will continue to fall off randomly until no lash extensions are left and your natural lashes continue to grow out. It is possible to have lash extensions last for as many as 60+ days with proper care of your eyelash extensions. Please note that a half set price of $160 will be charged to a touch-up appointment if there is less than half of the original amount of extensions left on. This is why it would be more cost-effective to book a touch-up appointment within 3 weeks of a full set to ensure a continuous look and not have to pay for a new set again.

3. How long does the application take?

Applying lash extensions properly is a very meticulous process that requires lots of patience and concentration. Only one extension is applied to one of your lashes. Each lash is examined and only the teenage and adult lash are used as they are strong enough to hold an extension and will stay in place longer. The lash extension and lash adhesive never come in contact with your skin so you will never feel the extensions pull or poke when you blink.

A complete application takes about 2 hours: the result is IMMEDIATE and SPECTACULAR. At last… longer and thicker eyelashes!

4. What’s the difference between a full set and half set of eyelash extensions?

A full set involves applying extensions to every natural lash that is long enough and strong enough to hold an extension. The look is incredibly beautiful and full. A half set involves interdispersing extensions on every 3rd to 4th natural lash to create a balanced and natural look. This is ideal for those woman who are curious about lash extensions and want to try them out for the first time or who want a little boost to their everyday look by intensifying lash thickness and volume. Remember that length and thickness can be adjusted to your desired look so anything is possible!

5. Do the eyelash extensions come in different lengths and thicknesses?

Yes, Ooh la la Lashes carries a large range of lashes. The first few minutes of your appointment are spent understanding your lash wishes and from there your eyelash extension stylist will determine the best lengths and thicknesses to use on your lashes. During the application a mixture of lengths are used – shorter lashes being used on the inner eye area and gradually increasing in length towards the middle and outer corners. A variety of thicknesses are also available (fine, thick and very thick) so you can personalize the desired intensity. Your version of “a natural look” can vary greatly from the next woman so rest assured that we will figure out the look together and you will be saying, “Ooh la la! I love it!” by the end of your appointment.

6. Do the extensions feel heavy?

Compared to other brands, Misencil® lashes are softer, lighter and more resilient. They are so lightweight they feel like feathers on your lashes! Uncomfortable and heavy extensions put stress on your natural lashes and their growth. This causes warping and premature fall-outs so keep that in mind when you’re out shopping around and comparing lash extensions.

7. Do eyelash extensions make my own lashes fall out?

Certainly not! Your natural lashes are like your hair. They fall out when they have reached the end of their life cycle and are constantly being replaced with new lash growth. And since your lash extensions are attached to your natural lash and never your skin – the extensions will fall out with your natural lash. It is important however to have your lash extensions applied by a qualified lash specialist who uses quality products and who understands the lash process so they do not damage your existing lashes. Lash extensions if properly applied should never look clumpy or feel like they are poking your eye each time you blink. Beware of lash techs who are glue extensions onto the skin and/or to multiple lashes as that will cause discomfort and possible damage to your lash follicle.

In fact, if you are someone who wears heavy mascara on a daily basis, you will see a definite improvement in the fullness and length of your natural lash within 4 – 6 months of having the lash extensions on.

8. Can I still wear eye makeup with lash extensions on?

Yes, by all means… glam up those gorgeous eyes of yours and have fun with your eye makeup. Just remember to remove it with an oil-free eye makeup remover. Oil of any kind will break down the bond of the lash adhesive and that would mean a shorter life for your lash extensions. I suggest removing eye makeup with a Q-tip saturated with eye make-up remover and gently running it along the eyelid to remove any excess eye shadow or eyeliner. Ooh la la Lashes carries an amazing face wash/make-up remover product that does an incredible job removing natural oil from your eyelid while effectively removing any make-up from your upper lids.

9. Can I wear eyelash extensions if I wear contacts?

Absolutely! Eyelash extensions are great for people who wear contact lenses. If you get dry eyes from sleeping with contacts in then it is safer to come to your appointment with glasses on.

10. What should I do if I have light/fair colored lashes? Can I still get eyelash extensions?

Not to worry! The majority of my clients have light/fair colored lashes. No need to tint your lashes before coming to your lash appointment. Should you wish to tint your lashes before your appointment please be sure to do it at least 48 hours before your appointment.

11. What are touch-ups and how often do I need them?

Touch-ups are extensions applied to new lashes that have grown out since your last appointment. Because new eyelashes are constantly growing, it is ideal to have touch-ups every 2-3 weeks in order to maintain the desired lash thickness and fullness.

12. Can the eyelash extensions be removed?

Yes, but please do NOT attempt to remove extensions yourself! Tugging and pulling extensions off yourself can damage your lash follicle, take longer for new lashes to grow out and can really irritate the eyes. Extensions can be removed quickly by using a special adhesive remover. This procedure is safe and painless and will take approximately 15 minutes to remove.

13. What to expect when you come in?

Preferably arrive with no makeup or at least no mascara and do not curl your eyelashes before your eyelash extension appointment.

You will be asked to fill out a Client Information Sheet that will help me better understand your eye care regime and of course the desired look you want to achieve.  The individual eyelash extensions will be applied directly to your natural eyelashes without any contact with the skin. In order to protect your eyes, Coenzyme Q10 anti-wrinkle patches will be applied to your lower lids. In addition to a glamorous look of new lashes, your features will immediately be smoother, rested and the area around the eye will be brightened.

Before and after photos will be taken for Ooh la la Lashes’ records so I may keep track of lash results and desired look for your next visit and with your permission will be included in Ooh la la Lashes portfolio.

A goody bag will be provided at the end of your visit that includes a washcloth, a mascara wand, a special formulated Misencil® facial cleanser and after care sheet so that you are well prepared and informed to take care of your gorgeous new Ooh la la Lashes!