Care Sheet and Tips

Care Sheet

    • You must use oil-free products for around your eyes.
    • Please wait 2 hours after your lash application before getting them wet.
    • Wash your face using a washcloth rather than splashing water directly on eyes.
    • Do not swim, use a sauna and steam room on the day of your application.
    • Use only water-based mascara (NO waterproof mascara!)
    • If you experience any irritation, swelling or itching, contact me as soon as possible!


    • The best way to separate your extensions if they get really wet is to use a blow dryer on low setting.
    • Extensions will naturally fan apart and separate so that you don’t need to excessively comb through them with the provided mascara wand.
    • Lash extensions absorb quite a bit of water so have a towel handy when at the pool or beach.
    • Gently blot your face with the towel (DO NOT RUB!) so that your lashes won’t get caught on your towel.
    • Resist the temptation to touch, rub or tug at your gorgeous new lashes as this may pull out your own natural lashes.
    • Use the mascara wand that is provided to you for separating lashes that might get stuck together from sleep or make -up.
    • When using a Q-tip to remove eyeliner, be sure to saturate it with oil-free makeup remover or water so that the fibers do not get caught in your lash extensions.
    • It is possible to have lash extensions last for as many as 60+ days with proper care of your eyelash extensions; but should you wish to have a full, luscious set of lashes everyday of the week it is recommended that you see me for a touch up 2-3 weeks after the first application.